Are Nocebos Harming Your Health and Fitness Efforts?

What the heck are nocebos you are probably wondering and what do they have to do with your health and fitness? They are the evil cousin of placebos. You know that placebos are used quite a bit in testing of drugs and supplements.The test is set up so that one half of a group gets the actual drug and the other half gets a placebo. The placebo is usually some kind of sugar water and it doesn’t have any of the drugs in it. In a double blind study neither the participants nor the researchers know which group gets the drug and which group gets the placebo.The idea of the placebo is that it isn’t the real drug and that it is not harmful in any way. This way the researchers can get an accurate measurement of what effects the drug actually has. An interesting thing happened during testing. Both groups responded to the drug.This shows the power of the mind. If you think you are getting a drug that is going to help you, you respond as though you are getting the drug and that it is helping you, even if you are in the placebo group and only getting sugar water.This effect is called the placebo effect. Many people have taken this placebo effect and used it in a not so positive manner. The nocebo effect as mentioned before is the evil cousin of placebo. It is when someone tries to affect a negative and harmful effect in you by using the power of the mind to control your response.This might make more sense if you think of a witch doctor. There have been many documented cases of where witch doctors have actually killed people just by using the power of suggestion.They do their incantations on someone and that person, because they believe the witch doctor, fall violently and sometimes fatally ill. That is the nocebo effect taken to the extreme.So what does this have to do with you and your health or fitness goals?Plenty. How many times have you said you are going on a diet, or going to start eating healthy or start going to the gym only to be met with a round of laughter and put downs from your friends and family?That is a milder form of the nocebo effect. And it does affect you. Very few people are able to overcome such negative and harmful statements.It has taken a lot of strength for you to admit you need to change your lifestyle to become healthier. It takes even more strength to admit it to others.When that strength is met with derision, scorn and laughter, it is like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.It is almost too much to overcome. Does that mean you shouldn’t tell anyone? Well, maybe. Or maybe you need to be pickier in who you tell. One of the best things you can do to help you in your health and fitness goals is to find others that are trying to reach the same goals. You can go to a gym or you can go for walks in the park. You will see and meet others doing the same thing you are doing.Surround yourself with other like minded people and you will be able to easily overcome the nocebos in your life. One place where you won’t meet any nocebos is at Val’s health and fitness site. Check it out – see below.

Health and Fitness Information

Obesity being one of the major health problems across the world, there has been a lot of focus on healthy foods and healthy lifestyles. There is an overflow of health and fitness information. Wherever you see, be it the advertisements, be it magazines, newspapers, television channels, there is a lot of awareness being created by spreading health and fitness information. It is good to create awareness among the common people, as there is a gradual rise in the medication and health care services. It is better to be healthy than to be sick and lose a lot of money to the insurance companies.Though the awareness is being created on the hazards of unhealthy eating and sedentary life style, there is still need for focus on what exactly is nutritious food and how much food is good food, since too much of anything is not good. Health and fitness information should try to educate people as to what constitutes nutritious food. For instance, flavored yoghurts are advertised as a healthy, low fat and good for health, product, but when you check the label on the product containing the product information, you might be surprised to see the high levels of sugar, which are not good for health.Health and fitness information should uncover the hidden truths about food products, which the manufacturers try to hide from the general public. Eating food items under the misconception that they are healthy, may cause lot more harm, since you will never even be aware of the fact that you are consuming food that can harm you.It is always better to eat fresh produce than to go for processed items. The amount of nutritious value in fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables is not the same as in processed fruits and vegetables, which even contain preservatives.The best way to spread health and fitness information is by educating school going children. Since, it is easy to inculcate habits when you are a child, if you are successful in inculcating healthy eating habits in young children, most of them who imbibe those habits as a child, tend to continue with those habits for a long time.Health and fitness information needs to be spread to every nook and corner, since deaths related to health reasons are growing rapidly. In places where proper medical facilities are not existent, the people cannot take any chance of getting sick, hence it is of utmost priority, that even people in the remotest parts of the world should have access to health and fitness information.Water is a vital part of a healthy diet, hence there is a need for educating people about drinking healthy water. Governments of the respective countries should work with their local governing bodies and see to that importance of health and fitness information is spread among their people.If you do not find ways to safe guard your health in this adulterated world, you are bound to suffer. Hence, keeping track of health and fitness information is a must for everyone!!